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Open Door Partnership

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JDM Solutions partnered with Open Door in 2022

Inclusive Testing

Harnessing the Unique Abilities of Our Autism Spectrum Experts

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. We take pride in our team of individuals on the autistic spectrum who bring a wealth of talent and expertise to our testing processes. These exceptional individuals bring unique perspectives, and a strong ability to excel in their work.

Open Door Informational Video

Short for Collaborative Software Testing and Reporting System, C-STARS is a ticketing and reporting platform designed from the ground up to empower neurodivergent testing teams.

Harnessing the Untapped Potential in our Community

Our team of experts on the autistic spectrum has extraordinary attention to detail. They possess the innate ability to identify even the most subtle nuances and uncover potential issues that might be overlooked by others. Their meticulous approach ensures thorough testing coverage, resulting in higher-quality software products. That is why we have partnered with Open Door Training to continue to find and equip a larger group of team members. Find out more about Open Door at:

Unique and Perspectives

The autism spectrum experts on our team bring unique gifts and perspectives to the testing process. They possess exceptional problem-solving skills, a strong ability to think outside the box, and an unwavering dedication to quality. Their contributions not only strengthen the testing phase but also enhance the overall creativity and innovation within our organization.

Rapid Testing and Collaborations

Our team of experts collaborates closely with developers, enabling rapid testing cycles. They work hand-in-hand with the development team, providing invaluable support for unit testing and engaging in manual usability testing. Their collaborative approach fosters effective communication, enhances understanding, and promotes a seamless feedback loop between testers and developers.

Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity

We believe that diversity fuels innovation, and we are proud to have a diverse team who plays a vital role in our testing processes. Their unique abilities, attention to detail, and collaboration skills contribute to delivering software solutions of the highest quality. By embracing diverse talents and perspectives, we create an environment that celebrates inclusivity and promotes equal opportunities. We recognize the immense value they bring to our testing practices and the broader success of our projects.

Internship Program

From day one at JDM, we recognized that our future relies on discovering and developing talent. Moreover, we believe that we have a privileged opportunity to teach and guide individuals in their journey to becoming skilled software engineers.

At JDM, our commitment is to deliver top talent to our customers, empowering them to solve their most pressing challenges. In today’s dynamic landscape, identifying and recruiting exceptional talent has become increasingly difficult. That’s why our intern program holds great significance for us.

Our interns are entrusted with the opportunity to work on applications that directly support actual missions, impacting over 25,000 users. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive Full-Stack Software Engineering experience across a diverse range of solutions. Our interns gain exposure to various systems and environments, enhancing their versatility and adaptability.

Balancing training and hands-on application development, our interns witness the immediate impact of their work. They contribute to tangible outcomes, experiencing the rewarding process of translating their knowledge into meaningful results.
The interns are the best.


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